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RajKumar Surisetti



RajKumar Surisetti is a freelance software engineer. When presented with a complex issue, RajKumar enjoys the investigation phase and coming up with a resulting solution. Through his consulting work, he brings with him a highly unique blend of legacy program knowledge and a high-level understanding of modern-day technology that enables him to help individuals, businesses, and corporations find software solutions they need to maintain their records and systems.

As a result of his work through programming, RajKumar has found an unparalleled form of philanthropy. Being able to give of himself through time, services, and effort, RajKumar has found his philanthropic model with ease. He is able to help others reach a set goal and achieve those goals with flourishing success.

Philanthropy is not just a matter of providing money to organizations or people. Instead, philanthropy is simply the act of giving to better those around you. Taking this into account, RajKumar Surisetti believes that using the valuable skills cultivated in his toolkit provides a new outlet for philanthropic giving.

In early 1994, RajKumar began working for an engineering clinic where he developed an application to monitor the details of customers, drug products, receipts, invoices, and inventory control at a medical center. With this streamlining of data, he was able to ensure that products were distributed to the ordered centers with accuracy and he was able to generate forecast reports. This act of providing resources and skill to assist a company in creating a more efficient report and delivery system is what inspired RajKumar to continue providing the same resources and skills to other businesses and companies.

Since late 2000, RajKumar Surisetti has been working as a freelance software engineer so that he may provide his resources, services, and skills to those that need it most. As an expert in legacy programming code, RajKumar has used that knowledge to help businesses, such as Foxboro Australia, to perform event archive software to FoxBASE and prodive SADD and SDD for new functionality.

RajKumar Surisetti believes this his unique philanthropic perspectives will prove useful to many people. His message is simple — philanthropy is just giving of yourself and your time to help those around you. For more information, please be sure to check out his recent updates on his website. If you’re interested in learning more about his software development and engineering experience and ideas, please visit his site devoted to said topics.

  • Certificate from Rational Rose
  • Certified Novell Administrator
  • Certificate of Efficiency in C/C++
  • Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • Member of Australian Computer Society (ACS)