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Fundraising is able to bring attention and funding to causes such as world hunger, animal abuse, and much more. Over the years, fundraising and the ways of charity have begun to evolve and change. With the help of technology, there have been new found ways of philanthropy. The technological advancement known as artificial intelligence (AI) will change the future of philanthropy fundraising.

Capital Campaign

One of the largest driving forces in fundraising is capital. Capital campaigns’ main focus is raising money from donors for a cause or charity. Unfortunately, when done too often, it can have the opposite effect. AI will be able to consolidate, deduplicate, and standardize nonprofit’s email contact lists better than current methods. With the help of AI, capital campaigns can be better strategized. By using machine learning, costs of campaigns will be lower and fundraising will be much more effective.

Finding New Donors

It’s important for charities and nonprofits to always be on the lookout for potential new donors. This task can sometimes be easier said than done. Using the machine learning ability of AI can help find new donors. AI can find and identify a donor’s potential and if they are someone who would more than likely donate. This will help fundraisers spend less time on people who are likely to not donate and focus on the ones who more than likely will.

Efficient Administration

Donors will always have questions and it is important for organizations to answer them efficiently. With the revolution of AI, chatbots came to be. Chatbots are able to reach out to donors and create automate conversations for commonly asked questions through text messaging or telephone. Donors will be able to ask questions and receive fast and informed answers. Outside of donor communication, AI can also help organize fundraisers. AI can effectively schedule, cancel, or postpone appointments to handle the routine obligations that go into planning a fundraiser.

As AI continues to advance, fundraisers can use the technology to improve charitable donations. Although many of the advancements are still in development, there is a bring future for AI in philanthropy fundraising.