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Is Giving Still Projected Grow This Year In The Wave Of A Pandemic 

By the calendar year 2021, the theory that charitable giving was estimated to increase by 5.1 percent, was a perceivable projection. Now, in the face of a coronavirus pandemic, will good deeds of aid suffer due to job loss and imminent economic downturn or thrive as the nation comes together to help one another? 

Charitable Giving Calculations: Will They Increase In The Face Of Covid19?

 How do institutions evaluate the numbers regarding U.S. charitable organizations in an unprecedented crisis? With anomalous milestone markers in association with Covid19 making news almost hourly, is it safe to say charitable giving projections will increase? As enervated medical workers selflessly handle the front lines behind the scenes, individuals, businesses, and charities are contributing in unconventional ways. Highly-acclaimed charities actualized funds to support as many affected communities as feasible. One nonprofit is aiming to meet the desperate call to put checks directly into the hands of recipients so sufferers can make decisions based on an individual’s or family’s needs. Since the onset of what is now a pandemic, giving cash donations without deviation to Americans has already increased exponentially within a critically short period.

Could Economic Effects Of Covid19 Negatively Influence Charitable Giving?

 Unparalleled job losses, business closures, major corporation meltdowns, and freefalling stock prices are undoubtedly altering contributions but not in a negative manner some economists may surmise. No one could’ve predicted the acts of altruism transpiring across the nation. Individuals, businesses, foundations, and institutions stepping up to an enormous philanthropic challenge could bolster year-end charitable contribution numbers. How will calculations account for the upward scaling, underreported endowment of non-cash donations such as food and services made directly to the affected? The thought process often determining projections is that the bulk of charitable giving will come from sizable foundations and corporate behemoths during any given year. The factor that will change this year is a substantial amount of cash, and non-cash donations will come from individuals, smaller groups, and modest benefactors. 

 The unknowns are just that; they’re unknown, especially in a time that is so unfamiliar to everyone. It’s not known how long the charity of many will hold out, the length of the crisis, or the toll it will have on the nation.