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Intertwining aspects of philanthropy into your company can significantly improve the culture in many ways. You can either choose to have your company participate in pre-existing philanthropy by either doing hands-on labor, doing a food drive or other sort of collection or even raising money for a cause you are collectively passionate about.  Beyond that, if there is not preexisting philanthropy, you would like to work with, or if you have your own ideas in mind and want to impact your local community, you can discuss and brainstorm ways to get involved aside from previous systems. Here are a few ways that this could benefit your company culture:

Promotes Team Bonding and Camaraderie

Outside of your usual company goals, working for and with a philanthropy can facilitate another layer of team bonding and commonality. Keep in mind the interests and passions of those who work at your company when you are considering philanthropies for your company to work with. Perhaps even organize a meeting to discuss what types of places they support and are passionate about, and conduct a poll to select a place or a few places that you can work for. This could include team trips to do manual labor for habitat for humanity, having a food or gift drive or collection, or doing a 5k for a cause together. There are so many options.

Fuels Happiness and Fulfillment

Working with a philanthropy will give your workers a better sense of fulfillment in their job as they are not just operating under the companies mission statement, but also working to better a cause with more profound humanitarian significance. This will promote fulfillment and also link it to your business as they are working toward a greater good within the company as well. All in all, it is also likely to promote a healthy and happier workplace as they are seeing the positive impact they are having on the community.

Creates Better Workers and Sharpens Work Skills

By promoting happiness outside of work, or even just taking some time out of the work day to do something enjoyable and meaningful, workers are more likely to give there all every day on the job. They will be more likely to feel happy and fulfilled, and thus will develop a closer affinity for their company that is making a positive impact on the community and the world. Additionally, philanthropy work frequently also tunes attributes like cooperation, motivation, and commitment that will roll over into the workplace and create better workers.