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You can give back in a variety of ways that will add value to both your personal and professional life. People who give are happier, healthier, and generally more satisfied.

Most successful professionals have received mentoring throughout their careers. In turn, you should provide this assistance to those that follow you. Some of the benefits of mentoring include a better team, an increase in workplace satisfaction, and better leadership skills.

By helping those less fortunate than yourself, you see what matters and gain perspective. You can also develop connections with others who have similar interests, skills, and a desire to help others. You can help by donating time, money, or items. Seeing the difference you make encourages you to do more for others.

As you give to others, you begin to observe other opportunities to become involved in others’ lives. You will develop relationships with the people you are helping and other like-minded philanthropists. In turn, they will point you to additional ways to assist.

Giving can help you focus and meet your goals. Setting goals allows you to have a finish line and mark your progress. If you tie this goal to your giving, you increase buy-in from others. For example, if you say you’ll donate 5% of the company’s profits if you sell 100 items, your sales team will have more incentive to sell the products.

When we help others, we see what their lives are like apart from our daily lives. This knowledge draws us closer to them and strengthens our empathy.

Sharing your giving experiences with others allows them to join your efforts. In doing so, you form a collaboration and create a sense of loyalty. Team members grow into the best versions of themselves, and everyone benefits from helping each other.

Being charitable also helps to build trust between yourself and customers. Customers today know that their money has power. They often determine where to purchase goods based on what charities the company supports as well as looking for employment opportunities with those that align with their moral values.

Giving to charities and individuals increases your chances of personal success considerably by giving you perspective, showing you more opportunities, and strengthening your empathy. It helps your professional success by creating a culture of mentoring, promoting collaboration, and increasing publicity for good deeds.