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When disaster strikes, having a safety net can save millions of lives. Whether it be a tornado, hurricane, flood, or earthquake, disaster relief organizations have the ability to lend a strong helping hand. Disaster relief organizations are able to provide victims with food, shelter, medical care and much more. In times of disaster, these disaster relief organizations deserve a spotlight:

Direct Relief International

This organization focuses on finding and rescuing those who fall victim to a disaster. Throughout all of the United States and 80 other countries, Direct Relief International works with local partners to assess, respond, and prepare for the best recovery response. They meet every disaster with a specific plan that will effectively save as many people as possible. Their search-and-rescue and medical service will always come first, making them one of the most effective disaster relief organizations in the world.

International Red Cross

As the world’s largest humanitarian network, the International Red Cross (IRC) delivers aid to those in need with trained disaster responders and relief supplies. All over the world, IRC brings relief to victims of severe drought, typhoons, conflict, earthquakes, and famine. They are able to supply clean water, shelter tools, and cooking kits. Every year, IRC is able to help over 100 million people to get them the help they need after a disaster and have reunited over 9,900 families. IRC’s emergency services have saved countless lives.

Mennonite Central Committee

When disaster strikes, often times homes are completely destroyed. Victims are faced with trauma and aren’t able to heal from it on their own. The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) works to rebuild homes, give people food and shelter, and respond to global disasters. In disasters around the world, MCC provides those affected by a disaster with employment, help individuals cope with trauma, and prepare if another natural disaster strikes again.

International Relief Teams (IRT)

For nearly 30 years, International Relief Teams (IRT) has train volunteers to help with disaster relief. Over their time as a leading disaster relief organization, they have deployed 420 disaster relief teams, given over $100 million in emergency supplies, and have helped families around the world affected by 95 disasters. They give victims the long-term relief they deserve and provide direct funding to partners helping in disaster relief.