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Today in the business world, companies recognize the importance of “giving back”, whether it’s to their local communities, or to popular charities. “Giving back” is how a company can take their assets from their loyal customers’ patronage and express their gratitude by donating to charity, giving back to the Earth we live on, etc. Businesses do so out of the kindness of their hearts and sometimes for the growth of their company. Consumers love to hear a company they’ve been loyal to “giving back” to their communities, and often times this brings them back for more.


“Giving back” to the Earth is a huge way companies show gratitude today because of the controversial issue of climate change. They do so by using recycled materials. reducing materials used to make their products, not partaking in animal testing, and even selling local goods only, which will help the near communities prosper. A company called Diba Shoes uses recycled goods to make their boxes without harmful glues, in turn, helping the environment. They also ask their customers to reuse the box as much as possible. 


Another very popular company, TOMS, is known for giving a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes bought. This tactic helps their company thrive while also “giving back” to children in need.


“Giving back” via charities is a very popular way for a successful company to “give back”. A company known as USA Mortgage lets its employees collectively choose local organizations to raise funds for, as well as giving employees an extra three paid days off to volunteer in their communities. One apparel company named Karmagawa was made just to “give back”. 80% of its profits go to charities established to help fund education and the environment, while the last 20% used to run their company and spread awareness of their efforts.


It has become part of running a business to “give back”. CEO’s will notice companies like them prospering a lot faster solely on the basis of “giving back”. As one can see, there are many ways to take profits and give back, even in the tiniest fashion. Helping the environment and supporting local businesses is a great way to start, but companies come up with different ideas every day, all worth every penny.